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Writing by the Water
Dear Nick


The 14th Feb is the one year anniversary of the day you made me look reality in the face

It has been an awful journey, but with you & Clare by my side one I am surviving , indeed  now coming out the other side.  I have prepared this testimonial for Clare, but wanted you to see it too . To thank you and let you know how life changing Clare has been for me. 

KS; Narc & Co client

"Right now the forest is dark and scary. You cannot see the wood for the trees, nor find your way out. But you can.  And will. If you have managed  to find this page , you are now half way there.  Without finding Narc & Co & Nick, who referred me to Clare, I am not sure I would still be here today. Why me you scream into the dark? How did this ever happen to me  ? Why did I not see what was happening to ME ?? I am an abuse lawyer who over a period of four years was  abused by a narcissistic psychopath .It can happen to anyone. You are targeted . And even I didn’t see it. Nor did I understand it. I do now thanks to Clare.  I researched this company thoroughly before making an  approach; there is no other service available that starts to scratch the surface of their expertise. My case is complex with on going criminal and civil proceedings. Clare has been my rock .She has  has helped me  navigate the horrors of it all ,whilst I am suffering from a complex PTSD. She is fiercely intelligent , extremely experienced , capable and endlessly supportive.  She is kind , patient and has calmed me down from the most emotional states. Facilitating the  breaking of  the trauma bonds. She has bought me  back to more logical thinking enabling me  to strategise, rather than  catastrophize. She will help you unpack what has happened and guide into  a vision of a positive future, free from  pain and fear. And whilst doing so, will your hand  tightly every step of the way...  

K.S. United Kingdom

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