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Narc & Co: Three-Phase Mentoring Approach

Below is a summary of Narc & Co’s three phase online mentoring approach. The three phases are designed with a beginning middle and end, are flexible, and based on individual need. We recognise people seeking mentoring with our service will enter with a variety of needs and be at different points of individual development, with different external circumstances. Therefore, our three-phase mentoring approach is but a guide to how we might work with you.  

The fee for the Narc & Co mentoring service is £70 per each one-hour session with the expectation of payment being made prior to each session. This means you are never tied into a contract or timeframe and are free to discontinue the work at any point in time. You will also receive a mentoring agreement following the first session, outlining both mentor and mentee’s responsibilities and expectations. 

Phase One

Phase one is the phase of exploration. Along with your mentor, you will spend time exploring the experiences that brought you to the point of accessing the Narc & Co mentoring service. Phase one will enable you and your mentor to start building a trusting working relationship. Together with your mentor you will work to discover the areas of support most likely to be of benefit to you, your goals, and expectations of mentoring with Narc & Co.   

Phase Two

Phase two will offer in depth psychoeducation, helping you gain further understanding of the psychological and behavioural characteristics pertaining to narcissistic personality styles and personality disorder. Further, your mentor will help you to gain a deeper understanding of your co-dependent behavioural patterns and how they have contributed to your relationship difficulties. Depending on your individual circumstances you will begin to learn more about your vulnerabilities to narcissistic abuse, making connections with how your parenting experiences may have contributed to you developing co-dependent personality traits.  

Phase Three

Phase three will give focus to relevant behaviour changes you will need to make, aiding healing from narcissistic abuse. Depending on your individual circumstance, you will spend time with your mentor, developing a greater understanding of your core beliefs; changing your core beliefs; internal and external boundary setting, self-validation; separating from, and leaving the narcissist if applicable; helping you to re-engage with self-interests.

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