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The Narcissists Tactics: Reasons & Solutions


Maladaptive behaviours are used to: exploit you; put you down; hurt you; erode your confidence and identity; weaken you for future exploitation; distance your reality; escape accountability.


*Note: We can all use the following tactics from time to time in relationships but the difference with the narcissist, is they will use these tactics all of the time. It is, therefore, their normalised way of relating. The following are the main tactics a person with a problematic narcissistic personality style, will use.

Abstract Love

Love Bombing 

You are targeted by the narcissist for supply. You are put on a pedestal. You are made to feel as if you are the love of their life.   At this time the narcissist will adore you, love you and want to be with you all of the time. They create a shared fantasy to make you believe you have finally found your soul mate. 


Reasons: Narcissists love bomb to hook you, draw you in to test if you will be a long, or short-term source of supply for them.  Do not fool yourself into thinking you are special; they will have other supplies too. You are just one of their sources of supply. The question is, how good of a source are you? And for how long will you function as supply for them?  Ironically, the stronger, more resilient, more co-dependent you are, the greater likeliness you will be a longer-term source of supply. 


Solutions:  Be suspicious if the level of affection you experience at the beginning stages of the relationship appears disproportionate, or out of kilter.  Beware of minor devaluations or put downs that may accompany the love bombing communications.

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