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Following graduation from Byam Shaw School of Art, 1986, I was employed as a curator at the Pentad Gallery in Hampstead, London, as well as Stanford Arts Centre, as the curator for multiple art exhibitions. I have also worked for many years as an art teacher in adult education.


While studying for a counselling qualification (1991) I attended my work placement with Cambridge Job Search, which provided a support service for the unemployed. This involved supervised, one-on-one experience with clients helping them deal with personal issues affecting their ability to find work. I completed the counselling course, gaining certificates in counselling skills and counselling theory.


I have personal experience of narcissistic abuse within several different relationships. I have spent many years processing my own painful experiences, gaining insight and understanding of why and how this happened to me.  Healing from these experiences created my extensive knowledge and understanding of the dynamics at play with regard to narcissism and co-dependency.

As well as the above, having knowledge and experience in the area of drug and alcohol dependency, I also specialise in supporting people presenting with such difficulties.

I am passionate about helping others who find themselves in abusive and co-dependent relational environments - supporting them to navigate through and beyond, eventually reconnecting with themselves. 

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