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After full time education where I gained my National Pharmaceutical Association Technicians qualification, I worked locally for a number of years. 

Eventually moving to work as a PA in London in financial services.


While taking time out to raise a family I became exceedingly passionate about Mental Health. Continuing to expand my knowledge through training courses and personal experiences.


Through my own experiences of encountering narcissistic abuse I have vivid first hand experience of the effects and damage it causes to the individual, families and children. These experiences give me a practical and personal understanding of narcissism and co-dependency, and the complexities of this dysfunctional dynamic duo at play. Given my particular skill set and knowledge base, I am heartfelt and highly motivated to help others that find themselves in abusive circumstances.  


My specialism is supporting victims of narcissistic abuse through the legal processes when divorcing a narcissist.  I work closely with several family law firms.  

I always provide the people with whom I work, a safe, warm, confidential, empathetic environment.

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